Thank you for your interest in auditioning to be part of Hamilton Church’s Worship Team! We are so excited to meet you and help get you involved leading our congregation through music. Please read below for information on the audition process.

Currently we are accepting live auditions after practice Friday evenings. If there are scheduling conflicts you may also do a video submission, but a live audition is preferred. If you submit a video audition and would like to audition for more than one instrument or part, please submit videos for each instrument/part. We will review your videos and get back to you within 2 weeks.

To schedule an audition, prepare the songs below and please contact with your availability to schedule it. We will work with you to schedule a live audition.

Please complete the form at the bottom of the page to begin the audition process!

NOTE: Most auditions are held after practice on Friday evenings. We ask that you come to practice with your own pair of in-ears or headphones (if you do not have any we can provide some for you), and hang out and meet the team and see what we do on Friday evenings. 


We know these songs are somewhat difficult to learn and do not expect you to play them perfectly. Do your best and don’t be discouraged if you can’t do them perfectly. This will help us get an idea of your skill level so that we can best work with you.


Please prepare these 2 songs:


Please prepare to lead vocally on 2 of these songs, and harmony on the other. Note: Please let us know if you would prefer to lead these in a different key than the ones listed.

Male –

Female –


Please prepare these 2 songs:

Electric Guitar
(Lead & Rhythm)

Please prepare these 2 songs:


Please prepare these 2 songs:


Please prepare these 2 songs:

Video Audition Information

  • If you are interested in submitting a video audition due to scheduling conflicts, please submit video(s) to YouTube.

  • Under privacy settings, select “UNLISTED” and title with ‘YOUR NAME – Hamilton Church Audition’

  • Copy and paste the link to your video in the email.

  • Submit audition videos by emailing

Other instruments

If you play an instrument not listed above, we still would like to hear from you. From time to time we like to do a service with different instrumentation such as cajon, violin, cellos, etc. If you’d like to discuss an audition or how you could serve on the team please send us an email at answering the questions listed above and let us know your instrument!

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