Maybe you have connections with people at work, in your neighborhood, in your ministry team or who you share a hobby with. You don’t have to go to GroupStart to start a group. You can form a group with people you already know. For a group to truly be effective at leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus, it needs to have a few key components such as a good leader, a clear Biblical focus, and a welcoming environment.

Life Group Application Form

A Life Group leader should be a Christian who recognizes the Bible as the authority for their lives. Leaders are successful when they are personally growing in their relationship with God and bring that experience into their relationships with others. They are responsible for providing their group with direction, promoting participation among group members and intentionally encouraging group members to grow spiritually. If, after consideration, you would be interested in pursuing Life Group leadership for your new Life Group, click below to begin the application process. After you complete and submit your application, we will contact you for an interview.