Church isn't a building, it isn't a worship service, it's about fulfilling relationships with God and others. We feel there's no better place for fulfilling relationships to happen than in Life Groups. Life Groups at Hamilton are more than spiritual disciplines such as bible study or prayer, they are groups of people that do "Life" together. Whether it's enjoying a meal or refreshments, training for marathons, learning to cook healthier, celebrating birthdays and holidays or serving others together, these small groups of people find time to build fulfilling relationships on a weekly basis.

WHAT IS A LIFE GROUP? A Life Group is a small, Christian fellowship group of friends that meets regularly during the week; experiencing life together. It’s is a safe place where people can be authentic and are encouraged to grow in their relationship with God.


  • CONNECTION: Here at HCC, it is our desire to have a thriving relationship with God, and each other. Being in a life group is a great way to really get connected.
  • SUPPORT: We all know that life can be challenging. By being in a life group you have others who will support you in your journey!
  • GROWTH: Life groups are designed to help you grow in your relationship with God's word.

WANT TO JOIN A LIFE GROUP OR START YOU OWN? (Being a Life Group Leader or Host is not as hard as you think)
It’s simple. Simply complete the form below, and a Life Group representative will be in touch with you.